Poland Spring water bottles sizes

November 22, 2015
Poland Spring Water Bottle Set

Saratoga Style bottles, so named for the Saratoga Spring in New York state, are the most valuable of the Spring Water bottles. Like in other categories, color is the determining factor. Pontil age Saratoga Style bottles are uncommon. The most commonly found pontil Spring water was from Clark & White. At that time, there were relatively few companies distributing their products nationally or even over a broad area until the 1860s when railroad transportation opened more markets. Dozens of the owners of spring began to bottle and sell their water on the national market. The golden era for these bottles ranged from 1860-1880.

Related to but different from the Saratoga Style bottles are the later period Spring Water bottles.

I have not seen many reproductions in this category. One bottle which has been reproduced several times is the Buffalo Lithia Water bottle with an embossed lady. These are always old if they are in clear or aqua glass, some old example in deep teal are known but the new ones can be found in a range of colors. New Poland Water bottles were made by numerous companies over a period of several decades in the 20th century.

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Swanner, Grace Maguire, M. D. Saratoga Queen of Spas, North Country Books, Utica, New York, 1988. (Not specifically bottle focused but great history.)

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Crazy Water Bottle Bomb
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