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December 2, 2015
Improving the quality of

As I mentioned before the reform of the educational system in Poland is currently among the most important issues on the government's agenda. The proposed educational reforms aim to eliminate the drawbacks of the current educational system. Current proposals would increase the age of compulsory schooling in Poland from 14 to 18 years of age. This would reduce the number of people in Poland who only possess a primary school certificate. The reform would change the organisational structure of the school system, including teacher training, career patterns and financing methods.

On September 1, 1999, seven-year-old Poles will start their primary education in a new system. Primary education will last six years and will be split in half. During the first three years, children will learn writing, reading, mathematics and basic technical and social skills. This first level will be directed towards integrated teaching. During the following three years, children will learn subjects, which fall into broader topics such as nature (instead of biology and geography), history, science and art so the second level will cover teaching modules. After the first six years of school, all children will be tested to determine their levels of knowledge and skills. The test will serve not to classify children but to forecast further education needs. After six years of primary schools, 13-years olds will enter a junior high school to learn traditional subjects such as mathematics, chemistry physics biology and geography. In addition, the aim of junior high schools will be to develop students' capacity to think independently and to shape their interests and abilities. Junior high school will end with a pre-orientation test, which aims to help students to decide where to continue their education. new_polish.jpg (28993 bytes)

The common educational path will end at the age of 16. Students will then decide whether to enter a 3-year high school, which will lead to a diploma and then to a university education, or to enrol in a 2-year vocational school. One of the main aims of high schools is to form the features of character that are essential in our modern world.

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