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August 5, 2017
Cities of Poland

Digital Map of Poland is a set of cartographic layers that serve for map editing. The spatial coverage is the whole area of Poland and adjacent parts of the neighbouring countries, at a nominal scale 1:200, 000. The accuracy is suitable for paper maps at the same scale, whereas for the purposes of computer use a scale 1:100, 000 can be obtained.

All the data is stored in geographic coordinates based on the WGS-84 ellipsoid. The coverage is continuous, allowing for presentation of the whole country or its parts in any given projection. Also, as far as possible, single map objects are continuous, that is not divided into fragments or “tiles”, with the exception of huge objects in landcover and contourlines layers.

The quality of our data has been thoroughly verified in the course of big edition map production, involving editorial work, revisors and readers' contributions.

Selected information about layers

Settlement points are distinguished, identified and named in accordance with the TERYT system, and thus in harmony with the official geographical names.

Rivercourses are identified with hierarchical code, describing location in drainage system. Four additional rivercourse layers exist to improve graphical effect with graduations.

Roads include all sealed and most of unsealed roads significant for transportation network. Segments are described with official national number and categorized into 14 classes. Division into segments not necessarily is concurrent with intersections.

Hipsometry layer consists of 58 classes of closed contour areas (suitable for colour fill). Intervals are 20m up to 400, 40 m up to 800, 50m up to 1600, 100m up to 2600. Nominal scale is appx. 1:300-400.000.

Landmark/Sightseeing layer includes 98 categories of objects significant for cultural heritage and tourism. Also included are border crossings, petrol stations (now outdated) and traffic hazard points.

Layer Spatial type No. objects No. patches Total length [km] Resolution* [km]
Rivercourses line 15 500 154 100 0.18
Lakes area 11 100 0.11
Wetlands 5 400 0.29
Dikes 1 688
Tamy 134
Forests 40 800 0.27
Meadows 25 700 0.19
Orchards 3 300 0.25
Contourlines 60 200
Height points point 1 248
Built-up area 84 900
Disparsed settlements 314 000 0.096
Named settlement locations 43 800
121 400 333 000
Railroads 800 29 200
1st order administrative units (voivodships) 16
2nd order administrative units (powiaty) 436
3rd order administrative units (gminy) 3 059
Landmark/Sightseeing objects 38 800
11 Maps of Poland
11 Maps of Poland
Kujawska Poland Map By TheMasteRTeamTV
Kujawska Poland Map By TheMasteRTeamTV
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