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April 24, 2015
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bottled-waterIt’s no small wonder that the world currently spends more than $100 billion per year on bottled water. Many people buy bottled water for use outside of the home during work or exercise. Others drink it as a substitute for having to filter their own tap water. It is easy to carry around, relatively inexpensive, and good for you since it’s not filled with unhealthy ingredients and empty calories.

But what is bottled water really? Many bottled waters are simply tap water, “purified” and bottled up to look more attractive and sold in mass quantity. Countless brands of water now fill the shelves of retail stores, and many people would be surprised to learn that many of the most common brands of water measure very acidic on the pH scale. In fact, some well-known store brands could have a pH value as low as 4, while many others hover in the 5 to 6 range. A pH of 7 means neutral (ordinary tap water is commonly in the 7 to 8 range).

Highest-pH-bottled-waterAlkaline water, not included as part of this list, varies in pH from around 7.4 (mildly alkaline) all the way to 10 which is highly alkaline, sometimes referred to in the media as “super pH”. Alkalife’s very own Alkalife TEN Spring Water sits at the very top of this range at 10pH.

We’ve put together a list showing the pH values of some of the more common brands of bottled water. The pH levels recorded are based on our tests, and waters were tested multiple times for accuracy. This number does not necessarily reflect the pH of the specific brands of water at all times, as other factors (such as the length of time bottled) may affect water pH. All of the following water bottles were tested the day after purchase and at the same temperature, and the test was performed using a handheld pH tester.


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