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February 1, 2016
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There was a time in Poland not that long ago when the only way graduates could find jobs worthy of their excellent degrees was to hop on a flight somewhere to Western Europe and try and apply their skills there. Not so anymore. Graduate jobs are springing up much closer to home now for keen young Poles, largely due to an industry that has become one of the major employers in the country – outsourcing.

Indeed, the well-educated, often multilingual workforce that Poland provides has meant that certain cities – Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw for example – have become service hubs for international corporations seeking hiring value in large teams of capable graduates. Major corporations like IBM, Bank of New York Mellon and Citigroup are outsourcing to Poles in midsize cities like Gdansk and Wroclaw to do back-office work.

According to The New York Times, there are now about 110, 000 people working in the ‘business services industry’ in Poland, and this figure is growing. It’s predicted that in just a few years business services could overtake the auto industry in Poland, which currently employs around 140, 000 people.

Why Poland Is Doing So Well

The business services sector is a large part of the reason why Poland has enjoyed steady economic growth in recent years, even amidst the recent stagnation in the euro zone – Poland’s biggest market. Another reason is that Poland held onto its currency, the zloty, rather than joining the euro currency union, and the zloty has held relatively stable over the last few economically shaky years.

Poland has managed to manoeuvre itself into a great position that’s attracting lots of great investment from corporate clients. What’s more, it knows that it must continue to improve along this vein if it’s to fend off rising competition from educated enclaves throughout the rest of the euro zone – Bulgaria, Romania, Spain. Indeed, as Poland continues to move into more and more sophisticated services, the time is well and truly now to start to take serious heed of the country when seeking to outsource a highly skilled development team that can provide great work for great value.

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Type Driven Development (Maciek Próchniak, Poland)
Type Driven Development (Maciek Próchniak, Poland)
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LGV- Poland. Personal Development
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