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January 2, 2016
5 Gal Stoneware Jug w/ Blue

Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology Friday for the company's new Maps app. Cook directed users to other map apps in the Apple store or websites like Google or Nokia until Apple's version is fixed.

Bank of America announced last year that it was planning to charge customers a $5 fee to use their debit cards. After an intense customer backlash, the company dropped the plan.

In 1985 Coca-Cola decided to mess with its iconic product, according to NBCNews.com. The result: Epic failure. With customers comparing the change to trampling the American flag, the company pulled the product after just a few months.

Pepsi launched a clear version of its cola drink in 1993, but the product didn't last long. The company pulled it from the shelves in 1994, according to InvestorPlace.com.

Lawn darts, everyone's favorite 1980s backyard game, turned out to be pretty dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the toys in December 1988 after many were injured and three people died sending the steel darts through the air, according to Popular Mechanics.

In 1957, Ford launched the Edsel, a car the company billed as hot and revolutionary, according to the Washington Post. Problem: It turned out to be sort of "blah." By the time the company pulled the car in 1959, it had lost about $250 million.

When it debuted in January, 2007, Microsoft's newest operating system was slammed by consumers. As a result, businesses and personal computer users were slow to adopt it, according to Spike.

McDonald's launched a luxury burger geared towards the adult set in 1996 with a $100 million advertising campaign, according to The New York Times. But the mature hamburger was ultimately a flop.

In 1993, Apple launched the PDA device, a precursor to the palm pilot, according to DailyFinance, but it turned out to be a bust, thanks to its high price and bulkiness. The company pulled the Newton in 1998.

Sony poured 20 years of research into its Betamax videocassette recorder, but was ultimately beat out by the competition, according to the Los Angeles Times. Matsushita developed the VHS system, which became more popular among companies making the devices - and companies making films - rendering the Betamax obsolete.

In September of last year, Neflix announced that it would be separating its online streaming service from its DVD service and calling the DVD branch "Qwickster." The proposal turned out to be such an epic fail that the company scrapped the experiment last November before it even launched.

When Clairol came out with its yogurt-based shampoo in 1979, they thought it would be a success, thanks to widespread interest in the test marketing phase. But it turned out to be a flop; customers apparently don't want to put food in their hair.

BlackBerry launched its Playbook without apps for email, contacts or any of the other things people use tablets for. The result: The company slashed prices on the device as the holidays approached.

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